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WordPress Caching: What's the best Caching Plugin?

Tutorial9 Apr 15, 2010

Daniel Bachhuber said: Comparison of different caching plugins for WordPress.

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The multimedia tools I actually use (and you should too)

10,000 Words Apr 14, 2010

Paul Balcerak said: A great shopping list of some of the best Web tools for journalists and bloggers (most of which are free, by the way).

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What you should know about HTML5 today

Teaching Online Journalism

Paul Balcerak said: This is a rather technical read, but if you pay attention and follow the links, you should get a good idea of what the introduction of HTML 5 means for video on the Web and Flash.

Technology, tech, Flash, html 5, video, HTML, code, web coding

Mark Fiore can win a Pulitzer Prize, but he can't get his iPhone cartoon app past Apple's satire police

Nieman Journalism Lab Apr 15, 2010

Paul Balcerak said: Journalists should be wary of how much faith they put in devices like Apple's iPad. Remember: Apple controls the flow of content and can axe whatever it likes from appearing. Old Media: Imagine if a private company had control over your printing press.

Media & Journalism, Journalism, apple, Mark Fiore, Pulitzer, political cartoons, satire, First Amendment, censorship, ipad, itunes store, app store

Online Journalists Make Pulitzer History

Mashable Apr 13, 2010

Paul Balcerak said: Excerpt: "... this is the first time any online-only publication has won the prestigious award for editorial content."

this is the first time any online-only publication has won the prestigious award for editorial content.

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Followers (or fans or friends) are not all created equal

Endemic Apr 13, 2010

Paul Balcerak said: Excerpt: "Don’t go around mass following people (in the hopes that they will follow you back). Only follow people that you want to interact with and that would be interested in your organization or product."

Media & Journalism, Journalism, social media, twitter, twitter tips, community, community engagement

How Often Is The Times Tweeted?

NY Times Open Blog Apr 15, 2010

Daniel Bachhuber said: Based solely on Bit.ly Pro links, once every 4 seconds.

bit.ly, New York Times, Journalism, twitter

Software Is Media


Greg Linch said: Interesting post by Fred Wilson, who says software that runs on the web is part of the media landscape. But he thinks all software should be characterized and thought of as media.

Once we've begun to treat some of the software in our lives as media, we are going to treat all the software in our lives as media. And the software that is ugly, void of emotion and voice will not work as well for us. So I believe all software is media and will be seen as such by its users.

Media & Journalism, Media, software, Technology

Tags don't cut it

stdout Apr 7, 2010

Daniel Bachhuber said: The real question: what's a more expressive way than tagging for expressing relationships between content?

Getting strategic about contextualizing our content and bundling it into meaningful dossiers is definitely the future, Rosen is right about that. But such a strategy requires a way of indicating how content relates to other content on our website and on other websites that is more powerful and more expressive than tags.

tagging, semantic web, structured data, Journalism, Technology

Don't Mistake Your CMS for a Development Platform

Hacks/Hackers Apr 13, 2010

Daniel Bachhuber said: The larger point is that you shouldn't allow a janky CMS to get in the way of building innovative news applications but, at the same time, you shouldn't be complacent with a janky CMS.

While the Post is far from the only news organization decrying an old, inflexible content management system, CMSes shouldn’t be an obstacle to building news applications. Even the best CMS was designed to do a different job and — good or bad — shouldn’t be mistaken for an expressive, open development platform.

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