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Putting social media to use in and after a crisis

sethlong.com Dec 11, 2009

Paul Balcerak said: A look at how The Seattle Times used social media to cover the Lakewood police shootings and what news orgs can pull from that experience.

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How I did it: The seismic story

California Watch Blog Apr 5, 2010

Ryan Sholin said: Mark Luckie shares the behind-the-scenes rundown on a project that mapped potentially dangerous buildings in the UC and CSU systems in California.

The process of creating the interactive maps was mentally exhausting as the majority of the time spent creating them was revising outdated or incorrect information provided by the universities.

Media & Journalism, maps, data, california watch, Mark Luckie

Yahoo! Style Guide: Coming Soon

Yahoo Apr 7, 2010

Ryan Sholin said: Wait, what? A style guide to the Internet. From Yahoo. Interesting.

Media & Journalism, yahoo, writing, style guide

A canonical reading list for the future of news

danielbachhuber.com Apr 8, 2010

Ryan Sholin said: Daniel Bachhuber plays the 'take the pulse' card and compiles a list of 13 pieces of essential reading. Plus one tweet that leads through @chanders to the best takedown of the Wikileaks video I've seen yet.

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The future is...fliers? California Watch experiments with a hyper-hyper-hyperlocal distribution model

Nieman Journalism Lab Apr 8, 2010

Ryan Sholin said: A reminder that informing the public sometimes involves standing on the corner, handing them pieces of paper.

Fliers on college campuses, she points out, don’t have the in-your-face-and-then-in-the-trash reputation they do in a lot of other places: On campuses, fliers are common. And since colleges tend to be fairly tight-knit communities, there’s a good chance people will want to know the information printed on them.

Media & Journalism, Journalism, distribution, Print, california watch, berkeley

Cuyahoga County Judge Shirley Strickland Saffold files $50 million lawsuit against The Plain Dealer and others

Cleveland Plain Dealer Apr 8, 2010

Ryan Sholin said: And so begins an interesting legal battle over the balance between online privacy policies and newsworthiness.

Media & Journalism, reporting, comments, privacy policy, privacy, Cleveland Plain Dealer, Shirley Strickland Saffold

Dear Journalist:

Media Bullseye Apr 2, 2010

Paul Balcerak said: Could journalists one day become "embedded" journalists—embedded in companies, that is—and still produce unbiased news? This guy thinks so, but I'm not so sure either side of the equation would ever go for it.

Media & Journalism, Journalism, future of journalism, future of news, public relations, PR

How to build your Delicious network and find links

Almighty Link Apr 6, 2010

Paul Balcerak said: 8-step process (it's shorter than it sounds) for picking up useful follows on Delicious.

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Creating Facebook Pages Customers Will Want To Join

Outspoken Media Apr 6, 2010

Paul Balcerak said: Good advice for building up a fan base on Facebook Pages.

Media & Journalism, tech, Technology, social media, facebook, facebook pages, advice

Making your first map

Photojournalism from a Student's Eye Apr 7, 2010

Ryan Sholin said: Excellent tutorial from Daniel Sato on using Google's My Maps to build interactive maps with style.

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