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Right Here, Right Now - Mar 5, 2010

Dave Hendrickson said: Tamara: GA says yes to guns in bars when even NRA says no.

Cuccinelli asks colleges to rescind policies protecting gay state employees -

The Washington Post

Dave Hendrickson said: Cuccinelli seems to be pro-greenhouse gas and anti-gay. Surprised?

"It is my advice that the law and public policy of the Commonwealth of Virginia prohibit a college or university from including 'sexual orientation,' 'gender identity,' 'gender expression,' or like classification as a protected class."

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Critical Information for 2010 and Beyond | The Day of the Lord - Behold It Comes Mar 5, 2010

Dave Hendrickson said: The end, apparently, is nigh. And the government is covering it up.


Raging Roads | Virginia Talks

Virginia Talks/Style Weekly Mar 3, 2010

Dave Hendrickson said: It isn't just potholes ... the whole system is broken.


The Richmonder: Did Wittman staffer's tweet cost Bolognese a House seat? Mar 3, 2010

Dave Hendrickson said: Today's lesson: Think before you tweet.

"1st time I haven't voted... simply couldn't pull the lever for Bolognese who ran an abysmal campaign."

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Kaine dares GOP to make health care premier issue, argues they're on wrong side of issue -

(Newport News) Daily Press

"If they want to run a campaign of bring back the day of kicking people off because of pre-existing conditions, I relish it."

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Palin and Leno: a perfect match - Sarah Palin - Mar 3, 2010

Dave Hendrickson said: Sounds like striking out in a game of tee ball.

Actual Leno query: "With you, it seemed like they kind of went after your family. Is that fair?"

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Gov. McDonnell seeks stimulus money, despite earlier criticism -

The Washington Post Mar 2, 2010

Kimball Payne said: McDonnell facing pressure for taking stimulus cash

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