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Insurers Might Delay Covering Pre-Existing Conditions -

The New York Times Mar 29, 2010

Dave Hendrickson said: Why we love insurance companies.


Is the health care legislation unconstitutional? Mar 24, 2010

Dave Hendrickson said: Here's a good look at the case law that might come into play in the health care challenges.

Professor Suzanna Sherry of Vanderbilt University law school...said most of the arguments she hears the AGs advancing in this case are constitutional 'nonsense.'


Fox News ratings for healthcare vote bad news for right - MSNBC - Mar 24, 2010

Dave Hendrickson said: An interesting graphic on TV ratings and health care bill news.


The 10 most courageous (and 10 most cowardly) House Democrats - The Numerologist - Mar 21, 2010

Dave Hendrickson said: Glenn Nye ranks 9th on Salon's "10 most cowardly" list.