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Pat Tillman's mother on Stanley McChrystal: I told you so

Cheryl Tucker said: As far as Mary Tillman is concerned, McChrystal should have been fired a long time ago – in connection with the coverup of her son's death.

Body scanning images being banked

Cheryl Tucker said: If morgue shots can get leaked, you can bet that celebrity body scans will, too.

Public Prefers Candidates Who Serve Pork, But Not Tea

National Journal

Kim Bradford said: Good news for the likes of Norm Dicks and Patty Murray.

Tea Party crashers

Cheryl Tucker said: The American Conservative author makes the case that "the Tea Party is nothing more than a Republican-managed tantrum."

the Tea Party is nothing more than a Republican-managed tantrum

GOP woos K Street with Gibbs's words

Kim Bradford said: A brazen shakedown if ever there were one.

In the heat wave, the case against air conditioning

Cheryl Tucker said: Even in the NW I'm not sure we'd want to work without AC. Can't imagine it in D.C.

The Book Behind the Sewer-Alligator Legend

Patrick O'Callahan said: Alligators in New York's sewers: Not entirely an urban legend.

Most hateable companies (not named BP)

Cheryl Tucker said: Two Northwest companies make the list. Bet you can name one of them without peeking.

Have Republicans already blown their chance to recapture the Senate?

Cheryl Tucker said: Hmmm....this article refers to Patty Murray as "safe for now," yet a new Rasmussen poll has her tied with Dino Rossi at 47 percent of the vote. Since when does tied = safe?

California welfare cards can be used in many casino ATMs

Patrick O'Callahan said: Welfare dollars on the roulette table; California on the cutting edge again.