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Are Political Views Hard-Wired Into Our Brains?

Cheryl Tucker said: Conservatives aren't going to like this. Basically, it says their brains are more attuned to fear and emotion than liberals'.

The Tears of John Boehner

Cheryl Tucker said: I agree with Sarah Palin on this one: Any woman politician who blubbered as much as this guy does would never be taken seriously.

Scientists say they have solution to TSA scanner objections

Cheryl Tucker said: Software could distort our images into grotesque, fun-house-mirror shapes? Wouldn't we prefer to be distorted into hunks and Victoria's Secret models?

For Frequent Fliers, a Radiation Risk in the Skies

Kim Bradford said: It's not those full-body scanners you should fear, it's flying at airliner altitudes.

How about a little honesty in PAC naming?

Spin Control – Oct 31, 2010

Kim Bradford said: Hear, hear.

Do all these expensive campaign ads matter?

Cheryl Tucker said: Not if you voted the day after the mail-in ballots arrived! To early bird voters, those ads are just background noise.

Army knew of soldier’s deadly threats

The Salt Lake Tribune

Kim Bradford said: JBLM under scrutiny again for not heeding warnings about a problem soldier.

Washington State: Polling's Bermuda Triangle?

Kim Bradford said: We Washington voters keep the politicians guessing.

Under God: America fails religion pop quiz

Cheryl Tucker said: Guess who did the best on a test of religious knowledge. Hint: It starts with an "A."

New big thing in 3200 BC was writing, setting off fear of technological revolution -

Patrick O'Callahan said: "As the technology caught on in Egypt and Mesopotamia, ancient writers recorded the anxiety of some in Pharaonic Egypt that the written word would impair memory and turn humans into ignorant fools." Maybe I should worry a little less about the Web's effect on literacy.