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On gay marriage, Biden forced Obama's hand says White House


Cheryl Tucker said: So did Joltin' Joe get taken to the woodshed? Quietly of course.

Chinese dissident case to test Ambassador Gary Locke


Cheryl Tucker said: Reuters article paints a very flattering picture of former Washington Gov. Gary Locke and his down-to-earth, "cool under fire" style.

The 2012 primary campaign's biggest loser

National Journal

Cheryl Tucker said: Gone are Newt Gingrich's Fox News gig, $1 million Tiffany credit line, think tank empire and image as a GOP elder statesman. Only his waistline hasn't been diminished.

Romney is walking into Obama’s 'secrecy’ attack

Cheryl Tucker said: Not file his income tax on time? Doesn't he have people to take care of that sort of thing?

Republican zombies

Cheryl Tucker said: The non-Mitts in the GOP primary may not know it yet, but they're the "walking dead," says the Post's' Chris Cillizza.

Enough about the 2012 race - let's talk about 2016

Cheryl Tucker said: If Obama's re-elected, and the 2016 field is wide open, expect both parties to undergo major introspection over identity and direction.

George Will: Santorum and Romney are miscast candidates

Cheryl Tucker said: The conservative mainstream, which includes Will, has shifted from pummeling Santorum and praising Romney to writing off both of them.

Polling shows growing support for same-sex marriage

Cheryl Tucker said: It's a generational thing: The older you are, the less likely you are to support gay marriage. This issue will be decided by the passage of time, if nothing else.

Happy Valentine's Day from the 99 Percent

Cheryl Tucker said: A rose by any other name is . . . WAY overpriced today.

Some blacks insist: 'I'm not African-American'

Cheryl Tucker said: Interesting look at how time and culture have changed the way Americans of African descent have labeled themselves: as black, Afro American, Negro, African American or ...?