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The Gene Bubble: Why We Still Aren't Disease-Free

Fast Company Nov 1, 2009

Josh Korr said: Excellent Fast Company story on the post-hype reality of genomic research.

Science, Health, genome, Research, hype, Genes

Life Without Cable or Satellite TV Is Easier Than You Think

Gizmodo Oct 6, 2009

Josh Korr said: I will probably take the plunge soon. Doesn't seem too bad, given the savings.

Not everyone shares my taste in television but, at the very least, you should take a good look at your cable or satellite bill and ask yourself if it's really worth all that money.

Entertainment, TV, cable, satellite TV, Technology, hulu

A Sudden Dismissal

Josh Korr said: Suspicious timing in the dismissal of members of a Texas commission investigating the 2004 execution of a likely innocent man.

"The move came two days before the commission was scheduled to hear crucial evidence that Willingham was put to death, in 2004, based on arson theories that have since been disproven by modern science."

Politics, capital punishment, texas, rick perry, Cameron Todd Willingham

Middle Of Nowhere

The New Republic Sep 9, 2009

Josh Korr said: Great Jonathan Chait column on why mindless centrism is poisonous.

Politics, health care, democrats, republicans, centrism, ideology