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Can't Stop Believing

PBS Need To Know Jun 17, 2011

Erin Chapman said: Science journalist Chris Mooney explains why we can't always handle the truth when it comes to scientific facts.

In the current issue of Mother Jones, author and science journalist Chris Mooney looks at why charts and graphs are less persuasive than old fashioned charisma. Need to Know sat down with Mooney to discuss how our emotions are influencing our politics.

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US Gas Is Artificially Cheap: What We Don't Pay for at the Pump

California Watch/CIR Jun 14, 2011

Green—who, me? Top 10 brownwashing Republicans | Grist


Lisa Hymas said: Greenwashing is out, brownwashing is in. These days, GOP politicians are scrambling to distance themselves from past environment-friendly statements, initiatives, and votes.

Death Threats for Australian Climate Scientists

Mother Jones Jun 10, 2011

Kiera Butler said: Australian climate scientists are under assault for their work. Their American counterparts know the feeling all too well.


Romney Stuns World With Mundane Statement of Fact

Mother Jones Jun 7, 2011

Kiera Butler said: Has Mitt blown his presidential chances by admitting he believes in climate change?


How Bad Is Climate Change for Your Lungs?

Mother Jones Jun 3, 2011

Kiera Butler said: A new study puts a hefty price tag on climate change by linking it to the air you breathe.


From allergies to deadly disease, feeling the effects of climate change

Need to Know, PBS May 26, 2011

A rare but deadly fungal disease once known only in tropical climates is infecting people in the Pacific Northwest -- and researchers say climate change may be why.

Micronesia Challenges Europe's Dirty Energy

Mother Jones May 24, 2011

Kiera Butler said: The island nation decides that a coal plant halfway across the world has everything to do with their fragile island country's health.


Hasta la vista, Arnie: Can the climate movement afford to lose Arnold Schwarzenegger? | Grist

Grist May 23, 2011

Lisa Hymas said: The most prominent Republican voice for climate action is now in the (hound)doghouse. If you're as revolted as I am, you might be tempted to toss the bum permanently overboard -- but can we afford to?