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Bill McKibben Avoids the Fetal Position

Mother Jones Jul 14, 2011

Kiera Butler said: The climate change guru's new anthology tries to patch up some big holes in our understanding of global warming.


Does James Murdoch hate climate skepticism as much as phone-hacking?


Lisa Hymas said: He shut down News of the World. Might he shut down the climate skepticism that's rampant in the Murdoch media empire?

What does the volatile past of natural gas tell us about its future?

Grist Jul 11, 2011

Lisa Hymas said: After decades of ups and downs, natural gas is on the rise again, in part because it's cleaner than other fossil fuels. But how much cleaner?

Scary Maps of the New Climate Normal

Mother Jones Jul 7, 2011

Kiera Butler said: The new annual normal temperatures for the US strongly reflect a warming world.


To Frack or Not To Frack?

Mother Jones Jul 1, 2011

Kiera Butler said: New Jersey approves a bill banning fracking just as New York seeks to end its moratorium.


Did ExxonMobil Break Its Promise To Stop Funding Climate Change Deniers?

Mother Jones Jun 28, 2011

Kiera Butler said: The oil giant may have given big bucks to a scientist who blames global warming on the sun.


Climate Change: Bad News for Baby Boys?

Mother Jones Jun 27, 2011

Kiera Butler said: Warmer temperatures could lead to shorter lifespans for some men.


Climate Change Side-Effect: Overworked Doctors?

Mother Jones Jun 24, 2011

Kiera Butler said: A new study predicts that hospital admissions for things like diabetes, kidney stones, and suicide attempts will rise along with the temperature.


PG&E green program helps preserve forests, but so did taxpayers

California Watch Jun 16, 2011

Kiera Butler said: Thousands of PG&E customers are effectively paying twice for the same Mendocino County forests.


New online tool allows users to see climate change in California

California Watch Jun 17, 2011

Kiera Butler said: Ever wonder just how hot it’s going to get in your town if the climate changes as scientists predict? Or whether your beachfront house is going to be underwater if sea levels rise?