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Fracking does not need more regulation, report says | Environment |


James West said: EC report clears shale gas exploration of more regulation, for now.

European commission

Amazon rainforest mapped in unprecedented detail | Environment |


James West said: A team of scientists has revealed unexpectedly high levels of biodiversity in the Amazon basin.

by bouncing laser beams off forest 400,000 times per second

Enviros File SEC Complaint Over Keystone Pipeline | Mother Jones

Mother Jones

James West said: Environmental activists are upping the pressure on their foe.

Greens Go After Obama Admin on Arctic Drilling | Mother Jones

Mother Jones

James West said: Pew Environment is running some aggressive new ads targeting Obama.

Is the U.S. Quietly Weaning Itself Off Foreign Oil? - The Atlantic


James West said: Don't start having any fantasies of energy independence yet.

Wind turbines don’t harm health, says study | Grist

James West said: Massachusetts Department of Environmental protection has released a 164-page report.

Santorum vs. Romney: The climate is screwed either way | Grist


James West said: Who is the greener shade of green between the two Iowa dead-heaters?

Airlines Passing EU Carbon Costs to Consumers |

James West said: Two airlines have announced they are raising fares to cover the cost of Europe’s new carbon trading plan.

Fracking: Is there really 100 years’ worth of natural gas beneath the United States? - Slate Magazine


James West said: Between demonstrable gas reserves, and the potential resources blared in the headlines, lies an enormous gulf.