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California Government Has No Idea Whether Fracking Is Happening | Mother Jones

Mother Jones

James West said: Fracking is much more common in California than the regulators would like you to believe

Heartland associate taught 'biased' climate course at Ottawa university | Environment |


James West said: A team of scientists found 142 false, biased and misleading claims.

Wind myths: Turbines can damage your health | Environment |


James West said: Shadow flicker is considered an environmental "nuisance" rather than medical risk.

We must capitalise on a low-carbon future | Norman Baker | Environment |


James West said: Some are beginning to argue that the environment is a luxury we can't afford. They couldn't be more wrong

How Climate Change Could Be the Ruin of Los Angeles - Neighborhoods - The Atlantic Cities

James West said: Around the country, cities are doing their best to plan ahead for the impacts of climate change.

Watch: Your Town Is Fracked | Mother Jones

Mother Jones

James West said: PA GOP blasted away local control over gas drilling — jeopardizing residential neighborhoods.

UK emissions rose 3.1% as economy recovered in 2010 | Environment | The Guardian


James West said: The 8.7% fall in carbon emissions as industry activity slumped during recession was a blip.

Wind turbine workers get their own reality show

Tim McDonnell said: Attn #adrenaline junkies: live the life of a wind turbine worker in a new reality TV show, via @grist