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The Quark of programming? - BuzzMachine

Anthony Moor said: Is it possible that the App Inventor could do to development what Quark did to publishing and Blogger did to the web?

Bernal Heights

Do we need rules for journalists' use of social media?

Kristine Lowe Nov 25, 2009

Greg Linch said: Are you a journalist 24/7? Does the company you work for own you? Does it harm your credibility as a journalist if you share personal opinions online? Are some opinions more appropriate to share than others?

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Times updates social media guidelines

Los Angeles Times Nov 19, 2009

Greg Linch said: LAT releases updates to its social media guidelines.

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Ethics of social media for journalists

Save the Media Oct 19, 2009

Greg Linch said: A great post by Gina Chen with real-world examples and analysis.

I think ethics are ethics. You can’t have one set of rules for online and another for print. But I do think the medium impacts how we live out these philosophies, and I’ll get to that more later. When it comes to social media, one of the key questions becomes: If a journalist offers an opinion on Twitter, is that unethical? Does that violate some type of rule? Think about that...

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The Right Way For Media Companies to Create Social Media Policies

PBS Mediashift Oct 23, 2009

Greg Linch said: Another view of how policies should be drafted. I don't agree with everything (i.e. "social media enthusiasts" shouldn't write policies -- then who? people who *don't* understand the tools?), but he has some good points.

"It's about how social media should be used to contribute to responsible, democratic journalism. Guidelines should not be ad hoc "fixes" to a particular problem. We need sober, nuanced, ethical thinking that takes the long view, not emotional arguments from social media enthusiasts."

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NPR News Staff Social Media Policy

NPR Oct 15, 2009

Greg Linch said: What follows are some basic but important guidelines to help you as you deal with the changing world of gathering and reporting news, and to provide additional guidance on specific issues. These guidelines apply to every member of the News Division.

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Plain Dealer Creates New Comment Policy, Encourages Staffers to Interact

Poynter Institute Oct 14, 2009

Greg Linch said: Pat Thornton examines The (Cleveland) Plain Dealer's new commenting policy, which "aims to end bigoted comments and trolling, while also encouraging staff members to engage users in meaningful discussions."

"Some people said that the comments are so bad, you should drop them," he said. "I never thought that, but if we're never going to respond to comments, what's the point?"

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Post Editor Ends Tweets as New Guidelines Are Issued

Washington Post Sep 25, 2009

Greg Linch said: New Twitter guidelines from the Washington Post.

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The Limits of Control

American Journalism Review

Greg Linch said: Excerpt: "With journalists and their employers increasingly active on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, news organizations are struggling to respond to a host of new ethics challenges."

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