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Too much hardware choice Jan 13, 2011

Scott Karp said: Android is too complicated for the masses. So was RSS readers and blogging. Winners: Apple and Facebook

The entire Android device market seems to be made specifically for gadget blogs and early adopters.

Disrupting the Traditional News Syndication Model

Scott Karp said: In case you missed it: Disrupting the Traditional News Syndication Model

Thomson Reuters Takes On AP, Debuts News Service

MediaPost Dec 14, 2010

Scott Karp said: Publish2 was disrupting the dominant news service long before it became trendy.

This isn't the first news service to threaten the AP's traditional dominance in wire service reporting. In May, a social network for journalists, Publish2, launched a new online news exchange service that allows publishers to create customized content-sharing networks of varying size, whose members agree to syndicate Web content for each other's use. At launch, the Publish2 News Exchange included newswires created by TechCrunch, Engadget, Politics Daily, Daily Finance, AOL Small Business and the Huffington Post Investigative Fund.

iPAD SURVEY RESULTS: Everything You Need To Know About How People Use The iPad

Business Insider Nov 13, 2010

Scott Karp said: Great iPad user survey by @businessinsider. Nearly half use iPad for at least 2 hours a day.

Most people say they are using the iPad MORE now than when they first got it. So perhaps it's not just a novel toy that people will throw away once they get bored.


The Times UK Lost 4 Million Readers To Its Paywall Experiment

Scott Karp said: Kudos to @erickschonfeld for actually using business metrics, i.e. revenue, to analyze a paywall's performance.

Chile is a story about journalism’s failure (updated)

@JeremyLittau Oct 13, 2010

Scott Karp said: 1300 journalists covering Chilean miners: Journalism can no longer afford that kind of inefficiency