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Cornelius Gerrit Swart said: qualifications, deadlines and dollars

What if search drove newspapers?

…My heart’s in Accra Jul 6, 2010

Daniel Bachhuber said: There's significant opportunity is building tools that allow news organizations to better understand demand for knowledge.

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How to Save the News- The Atlantic

The Atlantic

Cornelius Gerrit Swart said: The best 'How to Save Journalism' article of recent days

The Bay Citizen


Cornelius Gerrit Swart said: America's latest investigate news non-profit site

Reflections of a Newsosaur: Newspapers need objective reader research


"I sell bellybuttons," said Robert M. McCormick, one of the greatest newspaper ad salesmen who ever lived. That's the best description you'll ever hear of the classic mass-media business model, which worked wondrously well from the time the Boston News-Letter debuted in 1704 until, say, five or ten years ago. Unfortunately, many publishers today still invest too heavily in research aimed at persuading an increasingly skeptical world of the value of the bellybutton business - and not enough in learning about the people who ought to be their readers.

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The New Investigators : CJR

Columbia Journalism Review

T-Squared: The Six-Month Stats | The Texas Tribune


Cornelius Gerrit Swart said: databasing pays off in traffic and audience as TT reports on 6 months gain visitors, views and pages per visit

The Oregonian announces layoffs of 37 employees

OregonLive.com Feb 24, 2010

Daniel Bachhuber said: Most are in the news department, with some in advertising, circulation, and accounting.

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