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Power to the People - Recent Articles - Greensource Magazine May 15, 2013

Peter Fairley said: New tech lets occupants work with (rather than against) building systems, boosting comfort while reducing energy use

energy efficiency, green building, LEED, hvac, ASHRAE, occupant comfort, occupant engagement, Lucid Design

A Force of Nature | | | techfeatures | Architectural Record Apr 1, 2013

Peter Fairley said: Design teams are producing intriguing structures to harness urban wind flows. But making them work is a challenge.

China, architecture, renewable energy, wind power, wind turbines, green buildings, vertical-axis wind turbine, VAWT, building-integrated wind power, BIWP, Pearl River Tower

Residential Solar Power Heads Toward Grid Parity - IEEE Spectrum Apr 1, 2013

Peter Fairley said: Solar already beats the grid where utility rates are high and the sun is strong -- a sweet spot that's growing fast

solar power, Solar panels, Grid Parity, photovoltaics, PV, ILSR, Institute for Local Self-Reliance

HVDC Supergrid Technologies Besting Expectations - IEEE Spectrum Mar 27, 2013

Peter Fairley said: DC power tech is improving fast -- making market barriers the rate-limiting factor renewable energy supergrids

renewable energy, Siemens, power grid, hvdc, supergrid, power transmission, alstom, ABB, high-voltage DC, CIGRE

Ohio State Gets a Bead on Cleaner Coal-fired Power - IEEE Spectrum Feb 5, 2013

Peter Fairley said: OSU's coal reactors strip the pricey oxygen purification step out of oxyfuel power tech and capture 99% of CO2

coal-fired power, ccs, carbon capture, oxyfuel, OSU, ohio state, carbon capture & storage

Europe’s Carbon Trading Problems May Influence U.S. Climate Policy Dec 7, 2012

Peter Fairley said: Europe's flooded carbon market could help make the case for carbon taxation in the US

carbon trading, ETS, european commission, carbon taxes, European Trading Scheme

France Is Debating Whether To Shift Its Energy System Away From Nuclear Power | MIT Technology Review Jan 24, 2013

Peter Fairley said: France, a nuclear innovator, is debating whether to reduce its reliance on atom power. Whither its nuclear R&D?

China, nuclear power, france, EDF, areva, EPR, reprocessing, breeder reactors

Quicker Coal Power - IEEE Spectrum Feb 1, 2013

Peter Fairley said: Greater agility in output may keep Old King Coal in place in a nonnuclear Germany

Consider the massive lignite-coal-burning power plant that German utility RWE Power started up near Cologne, Germany, in August 2012. Each of the dual 1100-megawatt steam turbines can ramp generation up or down by 500 MW in less than 15 minutes. While admittedly one-third slower than GE’s new natural-gas plants, that rate is still twice as fast as the best achieved by recent gas-fired plants supplied by Siemens, and more than six times as fast as the average coal-fired plant running today.

germany, coal-fired power, RWE, GE FlexEfficiency, Energiewende, ramp rate

The Post-Sandy Grid: Unequal Yet Superior? - Architectural Record Feb 1, 2013

Peter Fairley said: A 2-tier grid is emerging as those with means install backup power capacity. But even the “have-nots” could benefit.

Kenny Grigar, cofounder of Taos, New Mexico–based Off-Grid Hardware, specializes in installing self-sufficient PV systems. Solar panels that don't deliver in a blackout, he says, are only “half a system.”

electricity, solar power, photovoltaics, power grid, blackouts, power outage, backup power, v2g, vehicle-to-grid, vehicle-to-home, Hurricane Sandy, superstorm sandy

Profile: Hittite Solar Energy - IEEE Spectrum Dec 20, 2012

Peter Fairley said: In the face of cheap photovoltaics, a Turkish start-up is relaunching solar thermal power

Steam, renewable energy, solar power, istanbul, turkey, photovoltaics, solar thermal power, CSP, concentrating solar power