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Why Ping May Be Bad News for Blippy


Claire Cain Miller said: People share their iTunes purchases on Blippy, so can Blippy and Apple's new Ping compete?

The Best iPhone Apps for Your Car


Nick Bilton said: A great list of iPhone Apps for people stuck in traffic or lost in their car.

Walkman outsells iPod in Japan for first time


Damon Darlin said: I'm not sure I'd read a lot into that since Apple was winding down inventory.

Sharing Issues Arise on Apple's Ping


David Gallagher said: Ping turns out to be pretty limited -- it's basically just iTunes Store activity.

Watch our new Times Square video: Don’t Be Evil?


Miguel Helft said: A not-so-subtle attack on Google's approach to privacy from Consumer Watchdog, a Google gadfly

privacy, google

Why is everyone always writing off Netflix?


Miguel Helft said: Slate on Netflix beating the odds and defying the pundits

netflix app

FDA has App Stores Under Surveillance


Damon Darlin said: Is the iPhone a medical device if you run the iStethoscope app?

Don Draper Checks His iPhone


Claire Cain Miller said: What would Draper Sterling ads for Apple have looked like? Don Draper on an iPhone and Ken & Harry on a MacBook.

The Top 10 Signs You’re A Twitter Addict


Claire Cain Miller said: Twitter rehab is next.

The Vanity Fair 100 | The New Establishment 2010

Vanity Fair

Claire Cain Miller said: Vanity Fair anoints princes of the "imperial capital of Palo Alto, California, the Rome of our nascent millennium"