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Vancouver police to say acid attack a hoax, source says Sep 16, 2010

The Vancouver Police Department will be holding a news conference this afternoon to provide updated details on the acid attack investigation. No questions will be answered in advance of the news conference, the press release said. A source has said the police department will say the acid attack was self-inflicted and a hoax. Check back at later for further details. It is believed that Bethany Storro was at the police department this afternoon, but it is unclear whether she will be attending the press conference. Last Friday, a Columbian reporter raised the question whether the attack was self-inflicted. To that, police said they had no evidence supporting that claim. VPD spokeswoman Kim Kapp said, “We have not had reports of that other than speculation.” Storro’s mother, Nancy Neuwelt of Vancouver, also has declined to comment on the idea, which she called “negativity.” Storro had earlier claimed that on Aug. 30, a woman approached her on Columbia Street, just north of Esther Short Park, and said, “Hey, pretty girl, want something to drink?” When she declined, Storro said the woman hurled the cup of caustic liquid at her.


Friends win court judgment over period missing from parking sign

Andrew Zahler said: So many great elements here: punctuation, victory for the little guy, revoked parking tickets... and this quote: "We don’t have signs like that in Kettle Falls."

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Crenshaw's life terms to be served consecutively

Andrew Zahler said: Justin W. Crenshaw was found guilty of two brutal murders last week.

crime, courts, murder, Justin W. Crenshaw, Eastern Washington

'Fiesta' fair theme riles some in Bonner GOP

Andrew Zahler said: In Bonner County, members of the Republican Central Committee think everything should be in English -- including the theme of the county fair. They want it to be "celebrate" instead.

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City of Spokane Fire Department's Photos - Tree into house

Facebook May 3, 2010

Andrew Zahler said: Facebook photo gallery of a tree into house at 1400 E. Broad Ave. in Spokane on May 3, 2010.

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