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The making of the NYT's Netflix graphic

Society for News Design Jan 20, 2010

Greg Linch said: Kevin Quealy, a graphics editor at The New York, explains how a team created an interactive on Netflix rental patterns.

One of The Times’ recent graphics, “A Peek Into Netflix Queues,” ended up being one of our more popular graphics of the past few months.

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100 notable multimedia professionals

Innovative Interactivity Oct 20, 2009

Greg Linch said: Tracy Boyer rounds up group of amazingly talented individuals, including links to their sites and very brief bios.

I made a conscious decision not to sub-divide this list by specialty because I strongly believe that it is important to be familiar with work done in all visual fields to truly succeed as a multimedia professional. If you are not included on this list, it could be because I have not stumbled across your work (well, that or I just had a momentary memory lapse!). If this is the case, please introduce yourself and your work so I can put you on my radar. In most cases I tried to use producers’ own words for descriptions. However, if there was no about page (shame!), I just wrote a quick synopsis.

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Beyond Bootcamp Multimedia Workshops

Online News Association

Greg Linch said: The Online News Association joins the University of Miami School of Communication in hosting the school’s annual Beyond Bootcamp Multimedia Workshops, Jan. 9-16, 2010, on campus at Coral Gables, Fla. (disclosure: I'm co-teaching a session on social media)

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Recommended Links - Multimedia Bootcamp

Amherst Wire Bootcamp Sep 4, 2009

Greg Linch said: Jackie Hai compiles a great list of resources, which she used for the Amherst Multimedia Journalism Bootcamp.

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