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News Blog Articles | Adolescents Today Work Less and Socialize More | Miller-McCune Online Magazine Oct 12, 2009

Niesha Lofing said: Social media the demise of the younger generation? Proof may be in the numbers ...


Quick take: Flu prevention and care - Links -

The Sacramento Bee Sep 29, 2009

Niesha Lofing said: Great fact sheet and tips on swine flu

Health, swine flu, H1N1

Study: Children with minor head injuries may not need CT scans - Latest News -

The Sacramento Bee Sep 15, 2009

Niesha Lofing said: Parents may want to take findings of this study into consideration if child suffers head injury.

Health, CT, UC Davis

Wife/Mother/Worker/Spy - 'Thirtysomething,' 22 Years Later -

The New York Times Sep 3, 2009

Niesha Lofing said: Quick read that is thoroughly entertaining.

Entertainment, Thirtysomething

A Weak Back-to-School Season for Retailers -

The New York Times Sep 3, 2009

Niesha Lofing said: I wonder if Labor Day sales will help?


Will the new children's museum be a hit? | museum, children, maya, kids, most - News -

Orange County Register Sep 1, 2009

Niesha Lofing said: Heading to Southern California? This kids museum may be fun for your little ones.

Lifestyle, childrens museum