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Safeguards Failed, So Evil Got Another Chance

The Boston Globe, Jenifer B. McKim Sep 7, 2013

Mina Dixon said: A child care worker's arrest represents a "perfect storm" of government errors and inaction.

, crime, child care, child sexual abuse

Housing Discrimination Case Puts Hight Court on Hot Seat

USA Today, Richard Wolf Sep 8, 2013

Mina Dixon said: The Supreme Courts faces another landmark civil rights case that could make it tougher for minorities to prove housing discrimination. But settlement between the small town of Mount Holly, N.J., and low-income residents could scuttle the case before it reaches the nation's highest court.

housing, discrimination

Student Poverty Remains High in Green Bay School District

Green Bay Press-Gazette, Paul Srubas Sep 8, 2013

Mina Dixon said: Economic disadvantage does not automatically translate to academic challenge, but students experiencing hardships brought by poverty can struggle to focus on studies, experts say.

Education, Economics, hunger programs

Left with Nothing

The Washington Post, Michael Sallah, Debbie Cenziper, Steven Rich Sep 8, 2013

Mina Dixon said: The D.C. government's tax lien program has morphed into a predatory system of debt collection that forces families out of their homes, a 10-month Washington Post investigation finds.

housing, families and communities

Desegregation and the Public Schools

The New York Times/Retro Report Sep 9, 2013

Mina Dixon said: The story of America's school integration, through the lens of the Charlotte/Mecklenberg County district, which was the national model for racial integration for 30 years only to resegregate about a decade ago, after a court ruling lifted the mandatory integration plan.

Education, , race/ethnicity

My Son Wears Dresses; Get Over It (Opinion)

The Atlantic, Matt Duron Sep 5, 2013

Julie Drizin said: A sports-loving police officer dad explains how and why he accepts his gender-bending son.

gender, diversity, homophobia, transgender, parenting.

Self-Regulation: American Schools Are Failing Nonconformist Kids

New Republic, Elizabeth Weil Sep 2, 2013

Mina Dixon said: The education system has scant tolerance for independence of mind, the writer argues.

Education, education reform, parenting, child development

Lawsuit Charging that Texas Provides Shoddy Care for Foster Children Can Advance, Judge rules

Dallas Morning News, Robert T. Garrett Aug 28, 2013

Mina Dixon said: A class-action suit accusing Texas of poorly supervising foster children will proceed. The New York-based group Children's Rights has sued more than 15 other states for mistreatment of foster children and lost only two of those cases, according to its executive director.

Foster Care, child death, child welfare

Bethany Beach Rolls Out the Red Carpet for Military Families (Opinion)

The Washington Post, Petula Dvorak Sep 5, 2013

Mina Dixon said: Bethany Beach, Del., residents opened their resort homes to wounded veterans their families this week.

Health, mental health, working, families and communities

From Childhood Tragedy, a Success Story (Opinion)

Fair Warning, Linda Ginzel and Boaz Keysar Sep 5, 2013

Mina Dixon said: Parents who lost their 16-month-old son in a crib accident consider the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act a success story.

child death, Health and safety