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iPad Users Mostly Male, Love Photos [Y! Mobile]

ymobileblog.com May 6, 2010

Danny Sanchez said: From Yahoo's Mobile Blog: "As expected within the classic early-adopter profile, we identified a male skew in the 35-44 age group among these early users. In fact, among all users, men outnumber women 2:1." "the iPad Yahoo! user closely followed the interests on Yahoo! that we would suspect: Flickr, Finance, Sports and News" More results and charts at Y! Mobile Blog

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25 Useful Online Media Infographics [Webdesigner Depot]


Danny Sanchez said: Remember all of those awesome inforgraphics you've found across the internet? You know like the giant social media map or the subway map of Internet trends. Well they're all compiled here.

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Newspaper Comments: Forget Anonymity! The Problem Is Management [Scott Rosenberg]

The Wordyard Apr 13, 2010

Danny Sanchez said: From Scott Rosenberg's Wordyard: "The great mistake so many newspapers and media outlets made was to turn on the comments software and then walk out of the room. They seemed to believe that the discussions would magically take care of themselves. If you opened a public cafe or a bar in the downtown of a city, failed to staff it, and left it untended for months on end, would you be surprised if it ended up as a rat-infested hellhole?" More at Wordyard

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Roundup Of Best User Interface Design Resources [Dzine Blog]

dzineblog.com Mar 15, 2010

Danny Sanchez said: From Dzineblog: "If you strive to be a great designer (like most), then you’re more than likely to know that a web application or websites success many times rely solely on how well designed the User Interface may be." "Below you will find a variety of excellent User Interface resources that will allow you to access, redefine, and create a well designed User Interface." Check out the list of resources at Dzineblog.

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At Snopes, A Quest To Debunk Misinformation Online [NYTimes]

The New York Times Apr 4, 2010

Danny Sanchez said: From the NYTimes: "The popularity of Snopes — it attracts seven million to eight million unique visitors in an average month — puts the couple in a unique position to evaluate digital society’s attitudes toward accuracy. After 14 years, they seem to have concluded that people are rather cavalier about the facts. In a given week, Snopes tries to set the record straight on everything from political smears to old wives’ tales." Read more at NYTimes.com

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For the Battle-Scarred, Comfort at Leash's End [NYTimes]

The New York Times Apr 2, 2010

Danny Sanchez said: The New York Times has a fascinating story on the effect that service dogs have on veterans suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder. From the Times story: "Just weeks after Chris Goehner, 25, an Iraq war veteran, got a dog, he was able to cut in half the dose of anxiety and sleep medications he took for post-traumatic stress disorder. The night terrors and suicidal thoughts that kept him awake for days on end ceased." "Aaron Ellis, 29, another Iraq veteran with the stress disorder, scrapped his medications entirely soon after getting a dog — and set foot in a grocery store for the first time in three years." Read more at NYTimes.com.

55 Inspiring Examples of Gradients in Web Design | Inspiration

webdesignledger.com Apr 5, 2010

Danny Sanchez said: From Web Design Ledger: "Gradients are a great way to add interest, color, and even depth to a web design. You can use the same color in many shades, many shades of many colors or several other combinations you may think of. You can go linear or radial. The point is that gradients are beautiful and can give your website a very unique style." Read more at Web Design Ledger [Hat tip to Alex Rudloff]

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