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Putting another 'e' in 'Health'

Real Times Apr 3, 2013

ICT is transforming healthcare worldwide. Our North America correspondent takes a look at a range of ehealth applications that are attracting attention across the continent.

eHealth, mHealth, implanted devices

Canada throws money at cybersecurity shortcomings

SC Magazine Nov 8, 2012

The Canadian government has unlocked $155 million in funding to bolster cyber security, just as the Auditor General issued a negative report. In its Fall 2012 report, the Auditor General found that the government has failed to deliver on key promises made in 2001, when it said that it would partner with private sector organizations to protect critical national infrastructure (CNI). These partnerships have not been established in all sectors, and coverage is incomplete.

cybersecurity, canadian cybersecurity

GitHub users warned over security risk

The Guardian Jan 25, 2013

Search tool on programming site turns up SSH keys, which could allow attackers to hack sites or alter programs silently

security, Github, SSH

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles: ICT on the fly

Engineering & Technology Magazine Nov 20, 2012

The use of UAVs in the military context is a great headline grabber, but a wealth of computer technology is really helping the sector take off in much more creative directions. How will we be employing drones in the upcoming decades?

drones, unmanned aerial vehicles

How to Choose A Mobile Device for your Business

Investment Executive Feb 1, 2012


cell phone, mobile device

Advisor swears by iPad

Investment Executive Apr 1, 2012

The round-the-block lineups that greeted Apple Inc.'s launch of the new iPad last month underline the prevalence of the popular tablet. In the past two years, Apple has sold 55 million iPads, and the device has infiltrated practically every area of life - and business. But the device's popularity begs the question: how useful is the iPad for financial advisors?

ipad, Horizon Partners, DundeeWealth

Is there a fair roaming package

Investment Executive May 1, 2012

Independent research indicates Canadians are getting gouged by the big wireless companies. And when it comes to roaming, we're paying almost three times the OECD average. But there are ways to keep costs down when you travel

cell phone, raoming

Hey, should you get onto the cloud

Investment Executive May 25, 2012

Before you trust your sensitive data to offsite storage providers via the Internet, make sure you have added safeguards of your own. Despite the many advantages, cloud storage comes with risks that you should consider

cloud storage

Balance your social media portfolio

Investment Executive Aug 24, 2012

If you use multiple accounts on various social networks, social media management tools are a must-have

social media, environics research group

Want New Clients? Try SEO

Investment Executive Oct 9, 2012

The top search result in Google can get anywhere between 18% and 35% of clicks — and getting some of that web traffic could give you a whole new stream of business leads. Follow these key tips to put your website on top of the rankings