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Find an airplane to jump out of

Scripting News Jun 8, 2010

Daniel Bachhuber said: Stopping two Stanford students from selling a $5 RSS reader isn't going to save The Times.

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Why Tumblr is the best RSS reader

Nick Bergus Jun 5, 2010

Daniel Bachhuber said: It's not exactly an RSS reader but its simplicity can make for a much more enjoyable consumption experience.

Technology, Tumblr, RSS, Google Reader

Deep Read: 'A War Between States And Corporations'

National Public Radio Jun 3, 2010

Daniel Bachhuber said: Fascinating conversation between Adam Davidson and Ian Bremmer, the author of a new book titled "The End of the Free Market: Who Wins the War Between States and Corporations?"

podcasts, Economics, interviews, capitalism, Ian Bremmer, market capital

erikgable: We will be augmenting our Sunday print edition with the @Publish2 News Exchange for the first time this weekend.
We will be augmenting our Sunday print edition with the @Publish2 News Exchange for the first time this weekend.

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AT&T threatens cease and desist letter

So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish Jun 2, 2010

Daniel Bachhuber said: Dude sends two emails over a couple of weeks, AT&T's executive response staff threatens a cease and desist letter.

customer service, iphone tethering, AT&T

J-Students Totally Unprepared For Journalism

MediaJobsDaily May 27, 2010

"The students who flunked were, to use a word the old folks favored, truly triflin'. They did not turn in work on time even though making deadlines is essential for a journalist. They missed classes. They did not keep up with current events. Their lack of mastery of the basics of English composition—spelling and grammar—was appalling. Their carelessness was breathtaking," White wrote.

Journalism, Education, J-school

Checking Your AT&T Data Usage

The Mac Observer Jun 2, 2010

Daniel Bachhuber said: How to check your AT&T data usage.

tutorials, iphone tethering, AT&T

Candid answers from AT&T on the new iPhone data plans

The Unofficial Apple Weblog Jun 2, 2010

Daniel Bachhuber said: Better discussion of the different edge cases. Existing iPhone 3G customers will even be able to keep unlimited data if they stick with the same plan when upgrading.

Technology, apple iphone, iphone tethering, AT&T

digiphile: AT&T told @NPR's Marketplace that only 2% of US iPhone owners use > 2 GB/month. Puts new tiered pricing & tethering plans in some context.

Technology, apple iphone, iphone tethering, AT&T

Ad Spend Trends

A VC Jun 1, 2010

Daniel Bachhuber said: Newspaper spending on a terminal decline, internet spending going steadily up.

That is the most bullish signal about investing in the Internet that I have seen this year. If you include audio over the Internet (what radio becomes) and video over the Internet (what TV and cable become) in the Internet line, then I bet Internet will someday be over two-thirds of the ad spend.

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