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Carr: Why Twitter Will Endure

The New York Times Jan 1, 2010

ProPublica Demonstrates The Benefits Of Crowdsourcing FishbowlNY Dec 30, 2009

Daniel Bachhuber said: It would be very interesting to hear about how they structure this information, and whether it's a part of a more permanent system to track and manage sources.

crowdsourcing, Journalism, ProPublica, Paul Kiel

Fear not for information - it always finds a highway


Brian Manzullo said: "There’s no telling what the next decade will bring. But most media entrepreneurs, especially those in sunny California, believe there is a light at the end of this storm. We don’t know just what it will look like, and anyone who tells you they do know is lying through his teeth."

Media & Journalism, Journalism, Newspapers, online journalism, 2010

100 Things Journalists Should Never Do

Poynter Institute

Brian Manzullo said: Some good things to abide by here. My favorite part: "If you aren't of the people, you aren't by the people or for the people."

Media & Journalism, Journalism, Newspapers, #100things

Installing Etherpad

Pauleira! Dec 23, 2009

Daniel Bachhuber said: Well-detailed tutorial.

Etherpad, Technology, tutorials

Open isn't so open anymore

Connectivism Dec 29, 2010

Daniel Bachhuber said: It needs to be an ideology instead of methodology.

Education, hacking education, open source, radical transparency, transparency

How to Run a Meeting Like Google

Business Week Sep 27, 2006

Daniel Bachhuber said: Have a firm agenda, assign a note-taker, and stick to the clock.

advice, google, productivity

New in WordPress 2.9: Post Thumbnail Images

Mark on WordPress Dec 23, 2009

Daniel Bachhuber said: Detailed explanation on how to implement the new thumbnail image functionality in your WordPress theme.

WordPress, WordPress 2.9, web development, PHP, tutorials

We're hiring: A UX/IA expert *and* a web designer/developer

News Apps Blog Dec 24, 2009

Daniel Bachhuber said: Opportunity to work with a top-tier team at a news publication that's looking more and more towards the potential of the web.

chicago tribune, jobs, web development, Chicago, Django, Journalism