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My advice to the New York Times? Copy Foursquare.

eMedia Vitals Jan 25, 2010

Daniel Bachhuber said: All of these ideas are smart. Specifically, Sean offers clever ways to use reader engagement with a website to build a profile of their interests and areas of expertise.

If Foursquare can turn going out for a burger into a competition, why can’t The Times do the same for in-depth news? Much like going out to dinner, reading the Times is a status symbol. My friends may see me going out every night on Foursquare and assume I’m a social butterfly. Those same friends can see the articles I’m reading in The New York Times and assume I’m an intellectual.

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Guardian Launches Search Engine for Government Data

The New York Times Jan 21, 2010

Daniel Bachhuber said: It searches across the UK, US, New Zealand and Australian governments' data sites, and they also have a gallery of the 10 best visualizations and mash-ups built on top of the data.

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A breakthrough for the Times? Possibly.

Rebooting The News Jan 20, 2010

Daniel Bachhuber said: Content producers would bid to have their articles, images, videos, etc. appear next to related NY Times articles. Smart, intriguing subsidization idea.

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Hack to Hacker: Rise of the Journalist-Programmer

Gawker Jan 14, 2010

Greg Linch said: Good piece by Ryan Tate on this trend and an interestingly ironic affect programmers will likely have on journalists.

Shirky goes on to postulate that programming, as a craft, will become more democratized. In other words, journalists will do to programming what programmers' blogging platforms have done to journalism: saturate the industry with unpaid amateurs.

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News media and college students: A match made in heaven?

10,000 Words

Brian Manzullo said: "The trend raises the question: are media organizations using college journalism students to fill the gap of traditional reporting and better serve local communities or are students being used as cheap labor?"

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