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What Journalists Need to Know About Google Buzz

Poynter Institute

Brian Manzullo said: Self-explanatory... what Google's latest foray into social media means for journos.

Media & Journalism, google buzz, social media, social networking

Consumers Trust Their Friends Less

Advertising Age

Brian Manzullo said: People need to hear/see things in multiple places in order to "believe" it. This story says five, but even two could work.

Media & Journalism, advertising, facebook, social media, edelman, social networks

The Future of Journalism Education


Brian Manzullo said: What Dan Gillmor would do if he ran a journalism school. Among my favorites: Do away with "track" system - print, broadcast, online, etc. are merging.

Media & Journalism, Journalism, J-school, college journalism, undergraduate degrees, Convergence

Footnotes on the State of the Union

Eyes East: Chris Amico's blog Jan 28, 2010

Daniel Bachhuber said: Pitch to launch in exactly a week.

Django, web development, Python, State of the Union, PBS NewsHour

Driving new digital revenues through text mining

Atex Blog Jan 29, 2010

Daniel Bachhuber said: Most, if not all, data managed by news organizations is stored in free text format. There's significant opportunity in structuring it.

ideas, structured data, Journalism, search, semantic web

5 Reasons to Wait for iPad 2.0

Read Write Web

Brian Manzullo said: This is how Apple works - iPod and iPhone were flawed when they first came out. Wait for 2nd or 3rd gen iPad and you won't be sorry.

Media & Journalism, apple, ipad

'Controlled Serendipity' Liberates the Web

New York Times Bits Blog

Brian Manzullo said: "We’ve reduced the fear of missing something important because we share “controlled serendipity” with others and they with us."

Media & Journalism, aggregation, social media, twitter

Wash. newspaper adds paywall 'success' to website redesign

Serra Blog Jan 25, 2010

Daniel Bachhuber said: In the comments, Carlos notes that, in a little over a month, they've seen 150 new online-only subscribers and only about an 8% drop in pageviews.

pay walls, walla walla union-bulletin, business models, Newspapers, experiments