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Scripps' Goal: Reinventing Local TV News

Brian Manzullo said: "As strange as it sounds, we are focusing more and more on print and online as separate businesses and not the same."

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How the Health Care Overhaul Could Affect You

The New York Times

Brian Manzullo said: A nice outline on how the health care bill, recently approved by the U.S. House, could affect you, whether you are insured or not.

Health, health care bill, health insurance, U.S. government

How is Seattle P-I doing, one year later?

Poynter Institute

Brian Manzullo said: The Post-Intelligencer is not quite profitable, although Hearst Seattle Media GM says it's on track.

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Anonymous Comments: Are They Good or Evil?

Mathew Ingram

Brian Manzullo said: Spawned by a Twitter debate. I agree with Mathew- we should leave comfortable interaction open to everybody who has a valuable opinion. Requiring real identities can prohibit that.

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Don't Let Your Website Ruin Your Magazine's Tablet Edition

Advertising Age

Brian Manzullo said: Why tablet viewing could force you to re-examine your Web strategy.

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Why Wikipedia Should Be Trusted As A Breaking News Source

Read Write Web

Brian Manzullo said: Mike Melanson asks: "How much less trustworthy is the site for breaking news than the plethora of blogs and other online news sources?"

Media & Journalism, Wikipedia, breaking news, Journalism, google

News is a social experience Mar 13, 2010

Lauren Michell Rabaino said: The latest Pew study reports, among many findings about the social experience news, that 37% of internet users have contributed to the creation and/or dissemination of news online.

Media & Journalism, Social Journalism, social news, news dissemination

Creation or aggregation: What is the real added value of today's journalism?

Brian Manzullo said: "Actually, this is a trick question... because they're the same thing. In journalism, our "original" content always has been the product of aggregation."

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