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iPad danger: app v. web, consumer v. creator


Brian Manzullo said: "The iPad is retrograde. It tries to turn us back into an audience again. That is why media companies and advertisers are embracing it so fervently, because they think it returns us all to their good old days when we just consumed, we didn’t create, when they controlled our media experience and business models and we came to them."

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Is print still king? Has online made a move? Updating a controversial post

Nieman Journalism Lab

Brian Manzullo said: Seems readership still favors print, although overall readership is on the decline. (At least according to this analysis)

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wpSEO vs. All-In-One SEO Pack

Digging into WordPress Apr 5, 2010

Daniel Bachhuber said: Comparison chart looking at the pros and cons of wpSEO and All-In-One SEO Pack.

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100 facts every young entrepreneur should know:

Under 30 CEO

Lauren Michell Rabaino said: 100 facts every young entrepreneur should know. In a nutshell: network, have money in order, get a strong team.

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The Collapse of Complex Business Models

Clay Shirky

Brian Manzullo said: A great piece, with examples, on the collapse to simplicity in the business world.

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How Topic Pages Can Give Readers a Bird's-Eye View of the News

Poynter Institute Mar 31, 2010

Daniel Bachhuber said: Poynter highlights Ryan Pitt's work at The Spokesman-Review. It would be interesting to hear the specifics of how the news organization is defining success, and whether reader engagement is tracking to it.

The nature of news means that much of our work appeals to readers for only a short time. Topic pages that include summaries, however, have a longer shelf life; they can funnel readers to those stories for years to come. They take advantage of the Web by supplying links that are lacking within stories. And though The Spokesman-Review hasn't seen a traffic bump from its topic pages, they could gain audience, inbound links, and more opportunity for revenue.

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Custom Post Types in WordPress 3.0 Mar 19, 2010

Daniel Bachhuber said: Custom Post Types look awesome and will be a huge step forward for WordPress.

Why would we want to play around with custom fields, or add stupid meta boxes in the Edit Posts page and then teach our clients and/or content managers to use them? Why not just get rid of all those stuff and have them seperately in your main menu, and the meta boxes are customized to match the exact needs of certain post types.

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The Future Newsroom: Lean, Open, and Social Media-Savvy

Mashable Mar 23, 2010

Daniel Bachhuber said: Culture clash between Onward State and The Daily Collegian, and the newcomer is on the offensive.

It should be no surprise then that Onward State happily promotes a competitor’s story with direct links, while The Collegian questions the very logic of such a strategy. Shaver admitted that he doesn’t always produce the web’s best content, and has “no qualms about writing the blog post and porting to the story.” For Skena, linking to a competitor’s story “doesn’t make sense.” A symbolic move which tells readers to “go read our competition” would be devastating to the trust they've worked for over a century to gain, according to Skena.

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The problem with comments isn't them


Brian Manzullo said: The problem with online commenting is not necessarily identities or tools — it's the timing, and how you play host.

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