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Hacks and Hackers third meetup and panel: The Future of Online Magazines

Hacks and Hackers (San Francisco, CA) Dec 15, 2009

Daniel Bachhuber said: Including a panelist discussion with Alexis Madrigal, Laura Brunow Miner, Sarah Rich and Robin Sloan.

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Why it pays to respond to your comments

Online Journalism Blog

Brian Manzullo said: Paul Bradshaw says, "through simply being responsive to comments and acknowledging a mistake, that newspaper benefited from extra pageviews, extra time spent on the site, extra registrations and extra comments – not to mention the intangible goodwill generated towards the paper."

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WaPo Sits on Eyewitness Account on Snowball Gun Incident - City Desk - Washington City Paper

Washington City Paper

Brian Manzullo said: Like a journo friend of mine said: If you trust them enough to hire them, trust them to give you the facts. Not WaPo's finest hour.

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How a Journalist Engages Fans

Conversation Agent

Brian Manzullo said: New York Times' Nick Kristof is one great example of a journalist taking advantage of community building on Facebook. 146,000 fans and counting.

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Chat with CoPress Executive Director Daniel Bachhuber College Media Matters Dec 19, 2009

Lauren Michell Rabaino said: College Media Matters interviews Daniel about website design and empowering student news.

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10 things my students need to keep in mind

Notes from a Teacher Dec 18, 2009

5. Not all of the smart people are in newsrooms.

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The Builders' Manifesto

Umair Haque - Harvard Business Review Dec 18, 2009

Andrew Spittle said: The skills of 20th century leaders are no longer relevant to the problems facing 21st century builders.

Let's face it. The very word "leader" feels like a relic of 20th century thinking. And it just might be that the case that instead of aspiring to be (or train) more "leaders," we should be seeking to reboot leadership.

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WordPress 2.9, oh so fine

WordPress Blog Dec 19, 2009

Daniel Bachhuber said: Available for download and full of gems, once again.

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