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Shirky: The Shock of Inclusion and New Roles for News in the Fabric of Society

What's going away, from the pipeline model, isn't the importance of news, or the importance of dedicated professionals. What's going away is the linearity of the process, and the passivity of the audience.

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How Best Buy is Using The Semantic Web

Read Write Web

Brian Manzullo said: How Best Buy is using the semantic web. I wonder how many other stores do this.

semantic web, data, Best Buy

Bloggers: 7 questions to ask before hitting "Publish"

Social Media Today

Brian Manzullo said: Great, simple things to consider when blogging. Sometimes, it's easy to lose perspective.

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Tips for HTML5, part 5: A closer look at selected tags

Teaching Online Journalism

Brian Manzullo said: Mindy McAdams provides a look into HTML5, which will make coding easier for journalists (or at least should).

Media & Journalism, html5, Coding, online journalism

Post-paywall NYT to remain blogger-friendly

Editors Weblog

Brian Manzullo said: Spokeswoman Stacy Green says: "The pay model will be designed so readers that are referred from third party sites such as blogs will be able to access that content without hitting their limit, enabling to continue being a part of the open web."

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Lean-forward vs. lean-back media

Brian Manzullo said: Lean-forward mediums engage people using the Web, while lean-back mediums put people in consumption mode. Just interesting to think about, as the author puts it.

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Bringing Living Stories to WordPress

Google News Blog Apr 29, 2010

Daniel Bachhuber said: Google has released a WordPress plugin that enables a user to mimic the Google Living Stories format based on content in their content management system.

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There's a difference between curation and censorship

Lauren Rabaino

Brian Manzullo said: This part sums it up: "Curation is about choosing the best of the best. Curation is about finding the signal in the noise." Apple's process of rejecting apps = NOT curation.

Media & Journalism, apple, curation, censorship, google