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America's first climate witness comes to Copenhagen

Oxfam America Climate Action Hub Dec 17, 2009

Constance Okollet is a farmer from the rural Tororo district in eastern Uganda. Sharon Hanshaw is a cosmetologist from East Biloxi, Mississippi. They have become close friends while bearing witness to the devastating impacts of climate change on their communities.

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Copenhagen: a look back at the most striking narratives


Having had a chance to catch my breath after a manic couple of weeks, here are a few of the more striking narrative threads about Copenhagen that have stayed with me.

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All over the map: Rounding up editorial reax to Copenhagen


It's too weak! ... No, it was a fool's errand to begin with ... China is to blame! Of course not, it was the United States that brokered a bad deal for the world's poor ... There's no hope ... Progress was made, there's more to do ... Despair ... Hope ... Such was the general tone struck by newspaper editorial boards over the weekend about the climate accord announced late Friday from Copenhagen. Below is a roundup of Copenhagen editorializing. As the product of pre-1990s public education in the United States, this author is only able to read and speak English, so this is heavily weighted toward American and British publications, with a heavy smattering of newspapers based in Commonwealth nations (aka former Brit colonies).

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