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What the Web of Tomorrow Will Look Like: 4 Big Trends to Watch

Mashable Jan 24, 2010

Chuck Peters said: Key changes in information infrastructure

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The False Question Of Attention Economics - /Message

/message Jan 9, 2010

Chuck Peters said: It seems @stoweboyd and @hello_world are talking past each other, on a critical topic

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Doing journalism in 2010 is an act of community organizing

OJR Jan 6, 2010

Chuck Peters said: Local information starts with data, and community organizing

Media & Journalism, C3 The Future: Operating System And Application-Neutral Data Jan 9, 2010

Chuck Peters said: @louisgray @xarker and @hello_world need to meet in one room!

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Black&White!22 - Slaves of the feed - This is not the realtime we've been looking for Dec 15, 2009

Chuck Peters said: Thinking afresh on information - has @hello_world met @xarker?

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Mobile Trends 2020 Jan 7, 2010

Chuck Peters said: The future of mobile from multiple great perspectives -- "get involved" thx @neilperkin

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SimsBlog: 7 New Years Resolutions News Execs Should be Making in 2010

Sims Blog Jan 3, 2010

Chuck Peters said: I will follow this list from @judy_sims, and add atomized content

Stop trying to feel comfortable. You are not in a comfortable situation.

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Ten things every journalist should know in 2010 | Editors' Blog Jan 4, 2010

Chuck Peters said: Key concepts for changing content creation

Your beat will be online and you will be the community builder. Creating communities and maintaining their attention will increasingly be down to the efforts of individual journalists; you may no longer be able to rely on your employer’s brand to attract reader loyalty in a fickle and rapidly changing online world

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Chuck Peters said: Public Google Waves