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Augmenting reality through journalism | Online Journalism Blog

Chuck Peters said: A brand new future for local information


Facebook and the Future of Free Thought

ReadWriteWeb Feb 3, 2010

Chuck Peters said: Facebook drives 350 times more traffic to news than Google Reader, but main source still portals

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Xark!: The "Lack of Vision" thing? Well, here's a hopeful vision for you

Xark May 11, 2009

Chuck Peters said: Worth reading several times - creating value with local information - from @xarker

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A quick guide to the maxims of new media | Mark Coddington

Mark Coddington Jan 30, 2010

Chuck Peters said: Good review of key concepts, and shorthand phrases, in developing information ecosystem

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Only Dead Fish: Solving The Paywall Problem

Only Dead Fish Jan 26, 2010

Chuck Peters said: Paywalls aren't the answer - make content more valuable. Insights from @neilperkin

I'd be experimenting furiously with how to create some scarcity out of the ubiquity. Developing unique, highly targeted or personalised services, packages and subscriptions, informed and supported by social technology. I'd add as much value to those services as I could, and I'd make that value as visible as possible so every non-subscriber could see what they were missing. I'd experiment with packaging news in ways that offered new levels of personalisation so I could follow stories as they unfolded.

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The Hugh Cudlipp lecture: Does journalism exist? | Alan Rusbridger | Media |

Guardian Jan 25, 2010

Chuck Peters said: Broad ranging view of publishing issues from London

Yet the most common question most editors are now asked is: "What's the business model?" Of course, you know why people ask. Journalism may be facing a kind of existential threat. Whether you are a 22-year-old thinking about a career in journalism, or a 45-year-old wondering if your chosen calling will see you through to retirement, it's the question that nags away all the time. Insecurity is the condition of our journalistic age.

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SimsBlog: Lots of Smart People, No Simple Answers

SimsBlog Jan 25, 2010

Chuck Peters said: Notes from the field on the future of media from @judysims

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Exploration to Execution | C3 - Complete Community Connection

C3 - Complete Community Connection Jan 25, 2010

Chuck Peters said: Change is constant as we execute C3 plan

For the last 127 years, our information has been designed for our products, and our products have defined our relationship with our communities. We have created deep emotional ties to our products, both within our company and within our communities. We need to begin to create emotional ties to an integrated local information ecosystem, and the multiple ways we can access that system.

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Next Generation Media Quarterly - January 2010

Chuck Peters said: Review of media changes happening now - HT @neilperkin

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