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Anthony Bourdain: If Martha Stewart asks, do it - Wire Entertainment -

The Sacramento Bee Feb 16, 2010

Niesha Lofing said: Bourdain and Ripert's new radio show may make it worth the monthly fee for Sirius XM.


Vanilla Garlic: Preserved Kumquats Feb 16, 2010

Stuart Leavenworth said: Like preserving lemons, but different

Lifestyle, kumquats

On Making Pasta - How to Make Pasta at Home | Hunter Angler Gardener Cook

Stuart Leavenworth said: Great post by Hank with photos that make you want to cut some noodles


When Chocolate and Chakras Collide -

The New York Times Jan 28, 2010

Niesha Lofing said: Don't know how this idea would fare after hot yoga.

Lifestyle, Yoga, Food

When Fingers Would Fumble, Chefs Turn to Tweezers -

The New York Times Jan 21, 2010

Niesha Lofing said: Apparently tweezers are the new tongs.

Lifestyle, fine dining

De Gustibus - Snacking Nation - When Did Grazing Take Over Our Children? -

The New York Times Jan 21, 2010

Niesha Lofing said: Humorous commentary from a NY Times writer about the snack's attack on our kids' routines.

Lifestyle, snack food, snacking


Roger Price said: Expanding the world of waffles

Lifestyle, cooking, waffles, recipes