We enable digital media agencies to create their own private exchanges with exclusive native inventory that has the scale of display ad inventory.

Wait, how do you do that?  By...

Transforming brand owned content into standard display ads that can run in any existing display inventory

We then (uniquely)...

Link the content display ads to native, brand-controlled content pages on the same publisher's site

Which magically...

Combines the premium value of native with the scale of display

So agencies can...

Maximize the value of existing budgets, inventory, and media buying infrastructure, including RTB


Get premium publishers more easily onboard with native using their existing display inventory, without the editorial side politics of in-feed placements

Unless we're talking about...

Mobile, where we do support in-feed native ads, which are ideal for mobile monetization, which everyone needs to do better

Agencies love us because they can...

  • Buy the highest value inventory direct from publishers
  • Eliminate middlemen
  • Create a proprietary, competitive advantage
  • Build the value of their own private exchange
  • Create new value around content strategy and real-time content management
  • Leverage our technology without having to compete with us

With Publish2's private exchanges, agencies own the publisher relationships.  We're in the technology business, not the media business.

Publishers love us because they can:

  • Increase CPM rates for existing display ad inventory by connecting it to native pages
  • Integrate with their CMS the way they want
  • Maximize and scale the value of native through direct agency partnerships
  • Maintain control and avoid commoditizing native